Enjoy it (I must). Lists

In ten days I will be moving back to the Netherlands. With my return approaching, people urge me - and so do I - to not forget to enjoy this country I love so much.

I'm trying to do my goodbyes thoroughly, and therefore I sincerely try to enjoy what I can. But that is not always easy, since the moment you must enjoy things, you immediately enjoy them a lot less. There are days on which I ought to enjoy myself, but the weather doesn't cooperate, or I don't cooperate, and before you know it you've wasted a day that could have been full of enjoyment. Or it happens that it is the last time I could enjoy something - for example the magnolia tree in front of the court building in the last week of april - but that week I already enjoyed this and that, so you become nonchalant, assuming that in the Netherlands too there will be magnolia trees to enjoy. So I rush on without intentionally, deeply enjoying the sight of the blooming mangolia tree in the last week April. It's not straightforward, enjoying oneself.

The best is to be systematic, and work with lists, in order not to skip anything and truly enjoy everything. For the sake of precision I'll enjoy all things Czechia in various categories.

  • The linden tree in early summer, at night. 
  • Potraviny, they smell like holidays.  
  • The smoke of brown coal on crisp winter days. 
  • An autumn forest - wet moss.  
  • Food smells in the staircase. 
  • Metal on metal of the train that breaks when arriving at the station. 
  • A brewery when the wind comes your way. 
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Christmas markets. 

  • A forest stream
  • The Moravska Filharmonie - the tuning of the instruments. 
  • R with a háček
  • Moravian fok music with its cymbal. 
  • The fountains in the centre of Olomouc. 
  • The silence in the hills around Olomouc. 
  • Prague Trams. 
  • Campfires. 
  • Music in minor chords.
  • Children speaking Czech (how do they manage!).

  • Houses painted in pastel colours. 
  • Baroque cities. 
  • The moon above Olomouc. 
  • The U with a little cirkle above it in a word like Bůh.
  • The sun shining through the young leaves of the red oaks in the park. 
  • Blue mountains in the distance. 
  • Old cars. 
  • Chata's and chalupky. 
  • Neat allotments. 
  • The golden, mellow light in Prague. 
  • vitrines in curkrarnas. 
  • A country road with blossoming fruit trees on both sides. 
  • The flowing lines of South Moravia. 
  • Men with mullets. 
  • Fields with rapeseed. 
  • The roes I see from the window of the train to Prague. 
  • Faded glory touched by the late afternoon sun. 
  • Laundry drying on the line. 
  • Repainted panelaky. 

  • Gulash. 
  • Svickova. 
  • Cold beer when you've hiked. 
  • Medovnik. 
  • Elderflower sirup. 
  • Everything the mothers and grandmothers in this country make from scratch. 
  • Christmas cookies. 
  • Mushrooms from the forest. 
  • Fruit dumplings with powdered sugar and butter. 
  • A round of slivovice to raise a toast to something or someone. 
  • Chlebicky.

Right, that's a start. I could list things I didn't enjoy too. But my remaining time is short. So I must enjoy it all before it's too late. No pressure. 


  1. This was great, Nelleke - an excellent inspiration and a neat way of remembering things :) We wish you every success in your future and may Bůh bless you and guide you in all you do! Do toho! Clive and Petra


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