A country dwells inside my head

The roles have been reversed: the country where I used to live for seven years now dwells inside my head. Where else can I leave it? Where do you put a country, such a big and awkward thing? Who wants it, to hold it, behold and receive it? "Didn't you use to live in Czechia?" "Yes, for seven years." "Right. In Prague then?" "Yes in Prague too. And then in Olomouc." "Olomouc, never heard of it." "Never mind, it's in the east." "And? do you miss it a bit?" Miss it a bit. Ach, what is it you want to hear? You probably don't want to hear, do you? What is it to you.. what do I say... what would what could I say.. where do I even..

I have put it way. Like a map I've carefully straightened it out - all those cities, villages, streets, train tracks, country roads, forest paths, riversides, neighbourhoods, shops, markets, backstreets - straightened them out, folded them up and put them away. Too much room it …

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