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In ten days I will be moving back to the Netherlands. With my return approaching, people urge me - and so do I - to not forget to enjoy this country I love so much.

I'm trying to do my goodbyes thoroughly, and therefore I sincerely try to enjoy what I can. But that is not always easy, since the moment you must enjoy things, you immediately enjoy them a lot less. There are days on which I ought to enjoy myself, but the weather doesn't cooperate, or I don't cooperate, and before you know it you've wasted a day that could have been full of enjoyment. Or it happens that it is the last time I could enjoy something - for example the magnolia tree in front of the court building in the last week of april - but that week I already enjoyed this and that, so you become nonchalant, assuming that in the Netherlands too there will be magnolia trees to enjoy. So I rush on without intentionally, deeply enjoying the sight of the blooming mangolia tree in the last week April. It's n…

Lijstjes - Genieten geblazen

"I find myself allured to the possibility of reconciliation."

Sigaretje bij het hospitaal


Een potje paddestoelenspread en alles waar het voor staat